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☸ Wheel of Dharma

☸- Wheel of Dharma, dharmachakra
On planet Earth use Earthlings the ☸ Wheel of Dharma in connection with Indian religions of Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism.
An Emoji who was on planet Earth told that he saw there the ☸ Wheel of Dharma for the first time in his life. Later that Emoji noticed how he landed on other place where he saw a yellow ☸ Wheel of Dharma. There this Emoji understood no word. Later he landed near several eucalypts. There were different animals. The Emoji found even there a ☸ Wheel of Dharma.
This time it was green. He reacted 😌. After 40 minutes that Emoji was placed in a restaurant. There people ate 🍧 Shaved Ice.
The Emoji was 😛. On a table he found a red ☸ Wheel of Dharma. At that second Emoji disappeared from planet Earth.
He landed before ten Emojis who examined a drawing with a white ☸ Wheel of Dharma. They told that their experiment succeeded.
The affected Emoji wanted to ask why he was on planet Earth and was moved to different places with different ☸ Wheels of Dharma.
Those Emojis told that they tested a new time machine as a vehicle.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol for wheel of Dharma.


Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma

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Unicode:  ☸


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Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma on Apple iOS


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Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma on Facebook


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Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma on Twitter Twemoji


Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma on JoyPixels


Dharmachakra: Wheel of Dharma on Samsung


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