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🦵 Leg

🦵- Leg
After the victory against income taxes the former most hated Emoji got pain in his 🦵 Leg.
That's why the Emoji had to be admitted to the 🏥 Hospital by emergency. There the 😷 Doctor took his 🔨 Hammer to check the stability of 🦵 Leg of his patient.
His diagnosis was not surprising to his opponents: The 😷 Doctor found in the 🦵 Leg too much avarice and envy. He recommended that his patient be separated from avarice and envy to Emojis. 😷 also recommended that he move actively. In the beginning the most hated Emoji always walked near the building of the tax authority in Poop Emoji. Later he found better places.
After 702 minutes the former tax collector decided to start to delete his evil characteristics. 72 seconds later the Emoji had no pain in 🦵 Leg.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for leg.

On planet Earth: Earthlings need patience until the publication in 2018.




Unicode:  🦵



🦵🏻 Leg: Light Skin Tone

Leg: Light Skin Tone

🦵🏼 Leg: Medium-Light Skin Tone

Leg: Medium-Light Skin Tone

🦵🏽 Leg: Medium Skin Tone

Leg: Medium Skin Tone

🦵🏾 Leg: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

Leg: Medium-Dark Skin Tone

🦵🏿 Leg: Dark Skin Tone

Leg: Dark Skin Tone


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