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🦾 Mechanical Arm

🦾- Mechanical Arm
An Emoji with 🤓 Nerd Face who lived in Emoji App was too lazy on a Wednesday to go to the high-tech university in Emoji List.
The Emoji decided to take 🖌 Paintbrush, 🔧 Wrench, 🔩 Nut And Bolt, 🥄 Spoon and 🧽 Sponge. He started to build something with them.
After 372,019 seconds the Emoji got a soft 🦾 Mechanical Arm. He noticed that ⚲ It was useful. On that day the professor of the high-tech university asked a student from Emoji App to bring the costudent the 📓 Notebook with sketches of the lesson. On the same evening the student visited the 🤓 Nerd Emoji and told him about the lesson. He showed him a drawn 🦾 Mechanical Arm that they will learn to build.
The Emoji with 🤓 Nerd Face reacted 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing and showed the result of his work: Soft 🦾 Mechanical Arm.
At that time many Emojis were 💤 Sleeping. The two high-tech students were too loud. An 🧓 Older Adult knocked on the 🚪 Door of 🤓 Nerd Emoji.
That Emoji was 😠 Angry. She wanted that the two Emojis get the 🤐 Zipper-Mouth Face. On the next day a radical friend of Emoji Guide learned of the 🦾 Mechanical Arm. He wanted to threaten the uppermost tax collector and finance minister from Poop Emoji with the soft 🦾 Mechanical Arm.
After 9 days the radical friend came with a 💰 Money Bag to 🤓 Nerd Emoji because he wanted to buy the 🦾 Mechanical Arm. The 🤓 Nerd Emoji refused. The radical friend was very 😠 Angry. Later he went to Emoji Guide and told him about that. Emoji Guide called him 🤪 Crazy and told that he wanted a peaceful demonstration against income taxes. After several months the historical demonstration against direct taxes started in Poop Emoji. The Emoji with 🤓 Nerd Face went with his friends on 15th of July to the demonstration with his 🦾 Mechanical Arm that had a poster "Moneymaking is no crime". That Emoji was very 😤 lucky. The reason was that many journalists 📷 him with the 🦾 Mechanical Arm.
After those events the 🤓 Nerd Emoji got many purchase offers for his work. Later that Emoji sold the soft 🦾 Mechanical Arm for 777,777 local Bitcoins and was 😊Smiling.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for mechanical arm or fake arm.

🦾 Mechanical Arm is one of new Emojis in 2019.


Mechanical Arm


🦾 Mechanical Arm on Twitter

Mechanical Arm on Twitter


Unicode:  🦾


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