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🦿 Mechanical Leg

🦿- Mechanical Leg
At the times when the famous monk Heart Eyes Emoji visited different places in Emoji, he found a 🦿 Mechanical Leg in a 🏜 Desert.
The monk took his 🔬 Microscope and started to study it. There Emoji found a 🈁 Japanese “Here” Button. His problem was that he did not understand Japanese. He found the 📢 Loudspeaker symbol that the monk pressed. Suddenly, the 🦿 Mechanical Leg began to speak in Japanese.
After 67 seconds the monk saw with his left 👁 Eye a big flying 🚎 Trolleybus behind ⛅ Cloud Cover. Later the 🚎 Trolleybus landed in the 🏜 Desert. Emojis who were there, said that they came from Sad Emoji and searched for the monk Heart Eyes Emoji. The monk reacted 😌.
He asked those Emojis if they understood Japanese and used his ☞ Right Pointing Index in the direction of 🦿 Mechanical Leg.
They reacted 🤷 Shrugging. At that time residents of Japanese Emoji suffered under the rule of ♄ Saturn. At that time was Heart Emoji the most progressive city. That's why an Emoji from medical city helped with 🦿 Mechanical Leg that called for help in Japanese (🆘 SOS).
The problem was that the supplier of 🦿 Mechanical Leg had a 😆 Grinning Squinting Face with little storage space in his 🧠 Brain.
That's why he lost the 🦿 Mechanical Leg in the 🏜 Desert. Even without help, ♄ Saturn's influence decreased sharply.
Later the husband of Quell Queen found the 🦿 Mechanical Leg and took it. The stingy 👽 Alien decided to beautify it with golden geometric 💠 Diamond With A Dot. Later he tried to sell it to high ranking rulers in ♃ Jupiter. The former minister for useless things bought it.
At the same time, he kidnapped several Emojis who were students of the linguistic 🏫 School. Currently the historical 🦵 Leg is in the museum in the city of 🐻 Bear Cave. It says: The most historic 🦿 Mechanical Leg of all times.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for mechanical leg or fake leg.

🦿 Mechanical Leg is one of new Emojis in 2019.


Mechanical Leg


🦿 Mechanical Leg on Twitter

Mechanical Leg on Twitter


Unicode:  🦿


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