☪ Star and Crescent

☪- Star and Crescent, Planet Earth: symbol of Islam
Emojis who research the religions of planet Earth found out that Islam is the second-largest religion on planet Earth. For this purpose, they decided to examine the ☪ Star and Crescent symbol and the religion. They found out that the prophet Muhammad founded Islam after his study of other Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity).
☪ Star and Crescent means for the most Emojis the time when they can see the stars and moon.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol for star and crescent or as symbol of Islam.


Star and Crescent

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Unicode:  ☪


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Star and Crescent on Apple iOS


Star and Crescent on Google Android


Star and Crescent on Facebook


Star and Crescent on Microsoft Windows


Star and Crescent on Twitter Twemoji


Star and Crescent on JoyPixels


Star and Crescent on Samsung






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