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🛕 Hindu Temple

🛕- Hindu Temple
When Sad Emoji was 7,345 days old, he discovered 🕳 Hole near a dead 🌳 Tree. He began digging at this place. After 332 minutes the Emoji found
a drawing of 🛕 Hindu Temple. Sad Emoji continued to dig in the southern direction. There he found the 🛕 Hindu Temple picture on a 🚪 Door. The Sad Emoji
tried to open it. After 67 seconds he could open it. He landed in the lower part of the garage in Heart Emoji. (The historical 🦲 Bald Emoji worked there before winning in the lottery
160 millions.) Due to a mistake in the universe, Sad Emoji landed in 🇮🇳 India. There was 🕉 Om before in front of the entrance in 🛕 Hindu Temple.
Sad Emoji wanted to visit that place. He lacked self-confidence because of his sad face. There was a person wearing 👳 Turban who started to talk
to Sad Emoji telepathic. Sad Emoji learned from that person the exercise of 🧘 Person in Lotus Position. This increased his self-confidence so much that he was finally able to go to the 🛕 Hindu Temple.
There he became invisible. An 👽 Alien from ⚴ 2 Pallas corrected the error in the code of the software. Sad Emoji returned from 🛕 Hindu Temple to the place where the dead 🌳 Tree was revived.
Sad Emoji received proof of life after death. The former dead 🌳 Tree became green.
In communication use Earthlings this symbol for Hindu Temple.

🛕 Hindu Temple is one of new Emojis in 2019.


Hindu Temple

Copy and paste Hindu Temple


Unicode:  🛕


For comparison how different 🛕 Hindu Temple looks on:

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Hindu Temple on Apple iOS


Hindu Temple on Google Android


Hindu Temple on Facebook


Hindu Temple on Microsoft Windows


Hindu Temple on Twitter Twemoji


Hindu Temple on JoyPixels


Hindu Temple on Samsung




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