馃珬 Pouring Liquid

馃珬- Pouring Liquid, other Unicode meanings: drink, empty, glass, spill
The First Horror Clown invited 馃Σ Bald Emoji and Scary 馃ぁ Clown to him.
At that second the two guests got drinks. Scary Clown intuitively felt that he should not drink. He turned and did 馃珬 Pouring Liquid. Later the poisoned 馃Σ Bald Emoji died in Heart Emoji. Several Emojis who worked with Horror Clown during conflict with South 鈾 Mars had the command to poison the captured high-ranking 馃獤 Military personnel of the enemy. The most of them did 馃珬 Pouring Liquid because they knew how the ruler of the Circus Union worked.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for pouring liquid.

馃珬 Pouring Liquid is one of new Emojis in 2022.


Pouring Liquid

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Unicode:  🫗


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