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🥱 Yawning Face

🥱- Yawning Face, bored, Students in Emoji: boring lessons
On a Wednesday the former second elected dictator visited a presentation of the new 👘 Kimono with 💡 Light Bulb on the left and right side.
The former dictator reacted with 🥱 Yawning Face because that Emoji did not understand why 👘 Kimono needed light. The designer explained that who wears it can be better recognized by 🚗 Automobile drivers.
According to a survey, almost one in two students responded with 🥱 Yawning Face in connection with boring lessons of their teachers.
After that survey king of Emoji commanded to teachers' association to improve the lessons to reduce the 🥱 Yawning Faces among students.
Later 110998 teachers and professors protested in the university town of Emoji List that they are not entertainers 😏.
Even the most boring Emoji who was the uppermost tax collector and finance minister came from Poop Emoji to support the teachers.
The reason was his solidarity with them because during the presentation of the first tax return after the independence of Emoji reacted many Emojis with 🥱 Yawning Face. At that time 🤴 Prince visited the 🏫 School. He supported the students who wanted more entertainment in lessons. One of most famous modern historical photos showed the 🤴 Prince with 🥱 Yawning Face during a lesson of Circus Language.
After 260 days the situation improved. Later 🤴 Prince told in an interview that he enjoyed the lessons. But what changed the language teacher For example, they were allowed to choose which words they wanted to learn. In addition, they were allowed to use various tools for this purpose.
Among the students, the proportion of 🥱 Yawning Faces sank. Some Emojis told that they go to their work with 🥱 Yawning Face because of boring work processes. A historian recommended to learn from the history of Heart Emoji after the 💛 Yellow Heart was elected.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for boring lessons or jobs.

🥱 Yawning Face is one of new Emojis in 2019.


Yawning Face


🥱 Yawning Face on Twitter

Yawning Face on Twitter


Unicode:  🥱


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