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🧶 Yarn

🧶- Yarn
After the first Horror Clown came to power of the Circus Union, he commanded to search for 🧶 Yarn because he wanted that circus army soldiers get new 🧦 Socks. At that time six Emojis and two 🤡 Clowns flew to Mercury to search for cheap 🧶 Yarns. There lived a charlatan who sold them several gigabytes of 🧶 Yarn. When the buyers returned 🏠, they noticed that those 🧶 Yarns were useless. The Horror Clown rebuked them. After this event he commanded his Secret Service to search for the criminal 👽 Alien who sold the fake 🧶 Yarn. During the conflict with Mars a high-ranking army general found with his 🔭 Telescope that charlatan who tried to sell his 🧶 Yarns to Jupiter. He commanded to catch him.
Later Horror Clown came with his 🔬 Microscope and started to search for pests on the arrested charlatan.
In communication use Emojis this symbol for yarn.

On planet Earth: Earthlings need patience until the publication in 2018.




Unicode:  🧶


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